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  PRE-REQUISITE ALERT/WARNING – Some courses offered at Montana Western require that students have certain competence, skills or prior knowledge before registering for a class, these requirements/restrictions are call pre-requisites. Pre-requisites are listed in course descriptions found in the current catalog . Students must have completed ALL pre-requisites for a specific class in order to register electronically (via DAWGS) for a restricted courses. Electronic course pre-requisite checking has been activated for registration. Students who think they have completed the necessary pre-requisites for a restricted class by means other than those listed in the current catalog should contact appropriate department faculty for written permission (pre-req overrides) to register for or add into the affected course. Written pre-requisite override permission (use the Student Class Schedule Change Form or Add/Drop Card) should be presented at the Registrar’s Office before the deadline to add or register for the term/block in question.

NoteTo find and purchase textbooks or study materials for courses for which you are registering click here: Montana Western Textbooks Online
If you have questions regarding textbooks, contact the Bookstore @ 406-683-7281.

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